Saturday, May 2, 2009

Making Dandelion Honey!

I took my camera out in the backyard today with the intention of remarking on what a exceptionally fine crop of dandelions we seem to be cultivating this spring. Then I spied this industrious young lady and spent several minutes following her from flower to flower trying to catch her in various poses without disturbing her work.
My daughter wondered what in the world I was doing crawling around on the ground with the camera pointed at the dandelions, but she soon got into the spirit of things and enjoyed following the honeybee around the yard as well. (I was glad there is a tall fence around our backyard... otherwise the neighbors may have been as curious as my daughter, but not as willing to get involved by asking!)
If you click on this picture, you can better see the bright yellow pollen dusted all over the honeybee's backside.

I love honeybees!

My dad is a beekeeper, and we always had at least 2 or 3 hives of bees when I was growing up. Dad had been out of the beekeeping business for quite a few years, but recently he has gotten back into it. He had just re-started his hives a couple of years ago when it was such a bad year for bees and so many bees died. He lost them all that winter. He plans to start again this spring, and I'm anxious to see how they do. Mostly because I love having a source of "free" Arkansas wild honey... (My dad is very generous with me and my siblings that way!) ...but also because I'm fascinated with honeybees and I love to hear him talk about them.

I wonder what dandelion honey tastes like?


Dori said...

I especially love the red clover honey he "makes". I think they planted the field in red clover this spring. Yummy!

lady m's lavender cottage said...

Dear Karla,

Dandelions are pretty on somebody's garden :)

I seem to be growing wild clover and the bees are all over them. When I try to mow them down...they begin to follow me out of my garden!

Thanks for sharing your day,

Lady M

Making Memories 1999 said...

I love this post! And the pictures are beautiful!! (Even if they are dandelions) ;D It makes me smile to picture you and your daughter kneeling in the grass to get the pictures. (Sounds like something my daughter and I would do!!) ;D Thanks for helping to make my day happy.