Sunday, June 28, 2009

Summer Sunday Supper

When I was a little girl I would beg my mother, "Tell me stories about when you were a little girl!"

She'd laugh and say, "I don't have any stories!" But she did! Just simple anecdotes of everyday happenings when she was growing up.

Now that I'm a mother, my children love to hear my "stories," too!

One Sunday recently I told the girls that we would be having a Sunday supper like we used to have in the summertime when I was a little girl...
...watermelon and popcorn!

We would split the watermelon in half, and everyone just dug in with a spoon! The salty, crunchy popcorn was a perfect accompaniment... and occasionally we would also have homemade fudge or divinity candy! The beverage of choice was sweet iced tea.

It seems like a funny meal, doesn't it? But it tasted good... and no one ever went away hungry!

Ah, the memories!


Keetha Broyles said...

Popcorn was OFTEN our Sunday evening meal when I was growing up!!!! Maybe it was something that generation "did." I personally LOVED it.

We spent the summer of 1984 in Haiti working in a Mission Hospital. Our Sunday evening supper there was popcorn with M & M's and an icy cold glass bottle of coke. That was our FAVORITE meal of the week. The sweet chocolate with the salty popcorn - - - yum. AND, since it was 105 all the time and NO AIR CONDITIONING, that ice cold coke, our only one of the week - - - PURE HEAVEN!!!

Thanks for the memories.

Country Veers said...

That sounds like a fun supper! Carried down from Matt's Grandpa Stucky's a favorite supper is fried chicken and home made vanilla ice cream! We love it!

Michael Ann said...

I'm looking forward to getting back to the land of affordable watermelons! We'll definitely have to try this next summer.

JamaGenie said...

Watermelon and popcorn - practically no calories and minimal clean up after. What's not to like? :-)