Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Thrifty China

I like watching for odd pieces of pretty vintage china at garage sales and thrift stores. I'm somewhat frugal when it comes to collectibles, so I don't collect anything expensive or very valuable. Just cheap pieces that I like.

A few weeks ago I found 2 large soup bowls with a gold-filigree-on-dark-green border that I thought were pretty. They are a very practical size so I was happy to get them for $1 each.

This past weekend I found a similar saucer for 75 cents. As I was buying it I thought about how fun it would be if it happened to match the 2 bowls. I had to laugh at myself when I got home! The saucer had a red border... and I had completely forgotten that the bowls were green!

But they look pretty together, don't they?
I also got this red transferware saucer at the same garage sale for 75 cents. Actually, I'm not sure that it's a saucer. It's probably a bread plate, but it's the size of a saucer.
Then I stacked them all together with another bowl and a lidless sugar bowl that I had added to my collection last summer.
I use my pretty dishes occasionally... but mostly I just enjoy looking at them.


Andrea said...

Karla, the dishes are so pretty! How elegant they all look together!

I, too, love to collect old dishes. I am always looking for them at thrift stores, antique shops, variety shops, etc.

What a deal you got on the ones pictured! That's amazing!

Many blessings,


A Romantic Porch said...

Karla, those are beautiful. Nope, I don't have a single dish in any of those patterns! I use my pretty dishes all the time...I figure if I'm the one who likes them, I may as well use them! If they break, oh well, they weren't too costly! They all look so pretty stacked together. I'm glad you found them. xo rachel

Carrie said...

Each of your dishes is very pretty, and they all look great together!

Nancy M. said...

They are very pretty! What a great find! Even if they don't match exactly, they go together really well.

Mrs. C said...

Great finds! They go great together.

Mrs. C said...

You've been given a blog award. I don't always leave notes, but I always enjoy my visits to your blog.

Alicia, The Snowflake said...

Oh they are pretty! And you got a good deal on them? You can't beat that!

Laura said...

Very pretty, Karla.

Karen (KayKay) said...

They are beautiful together. I collect inexpensive tea cups and saucers. Like you, I mostly just like to look at them.

Brenda said...

Hey, I think those two first ones do look like a match. And I'm getting to the point in life that I just want things I like. I don't give a damn if it matches anymore!

Renee said...

They looks great together! What a wonderful collection and at the right price too. :)