Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Going off sugar...

I've known for many years that I was at-least-borderline hypoglycemic. Ever since I can remember my hands have trembled-- sometimes worse than others. I usually don't notice it, but I've had people ask me if I'm cold, or nervous. "Nope," I cheerfully tell them, "just low blood sugar." When the trembling gets bad enough for me to notice then I know it's time for a high-protein snack. As far as I was concerned that's all there was to it.

A few days ago a friend told me about a friend of hers who was diagnosed with hypoglycemia and changed her diet. Within a month she noticed that she was no longer having migraine headaches. My friend knows I suffer with migraine headaches-- usually several a month-- so she asked for more information which she passed along to me.

I took a quiz at Hypoglycemia.org to "see" if I was "at risk" for hypoglycemia. I already knew I was, but I was interested to see what my results would be. The normal range is 20 or below. I scored a whoppin' 65, which did not surprise me a bit.

What blew me away was that I had never connected low blood sugar with my migraines. I don't know why. I really did think that minor trembling was about all there was to it. I still don't know for sure if they are connected... but you know what? I have decided that changing my diet is definitely worth a try.

That means no sugar, no refined flour... basically nothing white. I have also decided that I want to avoid, whenever possible, artificial sweeteners. Try shopping for groceries with those limitations! Let me tell ya, it ain't easy!

Most products labeled as 100% whole grain still had sugar. The one "mainstream" (i.e. not on the health-food aisle) salty-munchy that I found with whole wheat and no sweetening was Triscuit crackers.

For my (decaf) coffee I discovered flavored liquid stevia at the health food store. I got two flavors: English Toffee and Vanilla Creme. No, it's not as good as caramel sauce... and it's quite expensive... but just 3 or 4 drops with a splash of milk is pretty good for a sugar-free (as well as chemical-free) latte.

So I'm off on a new adventure. Reckon I can convince my family to join me? Nah... I doubt it.

Anybody else have experience with a low-glycemic diet?


The Watts Family said...

That is a great step to be taking I also suffer from migraines which definitely can be brought on by low blood sugar and I also can get several a month. I cut out alot of sugar as well as gluten which I find really triggers my headaches. The first few days coming off sugar are rough but then you feel great. I found drinking lots of water is a huge help. Good Luck!!~Blesssings Heather

Dori said...

I need to do that with you. I'll take the test and see where I score. I'm addicted to sugar I know that. I didn't know that Stevia had flavors...I'll try them! Does it count if this part of your family does it with you?

Dori said...

I scored a 66...weird how close we are huh?

Emily said...

What a wonderful decision! Good luck on your journey!

Raisingarrows said...

I'm going to have to find some of that flavored stevia!
I was diagnosed w/ hypoglycemia when I was 12. My sister has it too. I don't have migraines, though.
Many blessings,

Jeni said...

Hmm...I scored an 83!!

Antoinette K. said...


I am not hypoglycemic, but I have found that I am allergic to wheat and dairy a bit which I am so upset about (my favorite thing is cheese!)! My mother read a book called "Lick The Sugar Habit" and you would be amazed at the things sugar can do to your body that are really bad! like :lets say you take a tablespoon of sugar and eat it (thought we all know we don't do that, but even just a table spoon worth of sugar in a Snickers bar!)and the sugar shuts down your immune system for a whole no kidding 3 to 4 hours! YIKES! No wonder so many people get sick this time of year!

So my family has been cutting back a lot on our sugar eating and using honey, stevia, and in some things Sourgum as sweeteners and it works great!

I hope you do not find you new diet so bad! :)


Miss. Antoinette K.

Crazy Homeschool Mama said...

I scored a 56! Thanks, I think :) Tell you what I will let you try this no sugar thing first then you can tell me how you did :)

Annette said...

Will you keep us updated if the change changes your migraines? I hope so!