Sunday, November 22, 2009

Snow-mommy and Snow-baby

The ground was covered with an inch or so of sloppy, wet snow when we got up this morning. Perfect snowman-making snow... and, of course, this early in the season the girls were eager to go out and express their creativity. This time they made a snow-mommy and her snow-baby. Lovely green hair, don't you think?
Do you see who's lurking on the sidelines? Later it was reported that the poor snow-baby's pacifier had been confiscated by the interested by-stander. I think she ended up with the snow-mommy's nose, too.

What? Doesn't your dog like carrots? Ours does!


Nancy M. said...

They did a great job with those! I can't believe they did it with that little snow!

Joyful said...

I think their so precious.
I just had to chuckle.

Dori said...

Our dogs like apples!

pse said...

How funny!

Arby said...

I had a pitt bull that loved carrots. Near the end of her life, her eyes were the only things that worked properly. Loved the snow doo.