Friday, October 5, 2007

Quilt project

For awhile I have been thinking of making a quilt to use as a bedspread in the trailer. We've had our trailer for a little over a year now... and I really like the interior decor. The upholstery and the window treatments and the bedspread are coordinating fabrics in shades of brown and tan with touches of sage.

Well, I decided that it might be a good idea to make a quilt for the bed to save on wear-and-tear on the bedspread. If we ever decided to sell the trailer it would be nice to still have the bedspread that matches to go with it. I was thinking that I would get some pretty fabric with a camping theme in coordinating colors. I hadn't really started looking for fabric yet, but I came across this great Route 66 themed fabric a few days ago at Ben Franklin's in a small town north of here. It was perfect! The right colors... plus we are actually more into road trips than we are camping (although we enjoy both). The fabric has blue and yellow in it (and touches of red) but lots of brown and green, too, so I think it looks very nice with the existing decor. And my cute little Mater throw pillow even coordinates! (He didn't really go with the theme before. I just liked him because he was silky and squishy and Mater!)

So... no, I haven't started the quilt yet. Right now I'm just enjoying looking at the fabric. I don't plan to cut it into blocks. I got 2 yards and I'm going to try to find some coordinating fabric to make a frame around it to make it big enough to cover the bed. Originally I had thought I would hand-quilt it... and I still may... but I'm leaning toward just tying it. That would be quicker and I would be more apt to get it done this winter.

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Dori said...

That looks fun! We love Mater too...we think Garrett likes him too.