Thursday, October 25, 2007

Thursday Thirteen - Edition #5

Things I Like About Fall

Spring is my favorite season, but I love living in an area that has four distinct seasons because there are things to enjoy in every season! In the fall I enjoy...
  1. Mums. I have several flourishing mums in my planters right now... yellow, orange, burgundy. One plant came back from last year! I hope more survive this year.
  2. Pansies. Such happy little "faces"! I love to plant pansies in the fall because they live right through the winter and bloom again in the spring. I've been thinking about showing the girls how to press them and make laminated bookmarks or greeting cards.
  3. Apples. We live in apple country, near the orchards in Washington. Our family favorite is the Jonagold. We like to slice them and dip them in Martha's caramel dip.
  4. Colors. Our forests are predominantly pine, but I love seeing the gold and orange of the trees that do change against the forest green of the pine.
  5. The Pumpkin Parable. This is a children's picture book I discovered when my children were small. We enjoyed reading it every fall.
  6. Pumpkin Cheesecake. My favorite dessert with a harvest-time flavor.
  7. Weiner Roasts. Is there anything more fun on a crisp fall evening?
  8. Sunny Days. The weather is changing and more days are rainy, so sunny days are rare treasures to be enjoyed and appreciated.
  9. Crunchy Leaves on the Sidewalk. As long as I don't have to rake them! We had this humongous maple tree next to the last house we lived in. It was beautiful every fall but it didn't drop its leaves until well into December, so we'd have to go out to rake when it was past "comfortable" leaf-raking weather. Ugh! Soggy leaves.
  10. Fresh-pressed Sweet Cider. Either hot or icy cold.
  11. Candy Corn. I've always liked candy corn. I noticed this year that they have come out with Caramel Candy Corn. I'm thinking I need to get some!
  12. Popcorn. Well, popcorn is good anytime... but it just seems to go with other fall snacks and activities.
  13. Sweaters. Just cool enough to need a sweater to go outside... but not yet a bulky coat. I like wearing cardigans, which can be put on and taken off easily.


Kendra said...

i also love apples and cider in the fall! happy TT!

mom huebert said...

Yes! I love fall, too! I've never heard of "The Pumpkin Parable"; I'll have to check it out.

Tracy said...

In the past year we moved to a location where we now experience all 4 seasons. As a southern Cal native; it's a real thrill for me. Summer has always been my favorite time of year but now I'm finding that I sure adore fall. The leaves are awesome and I delight in the chill in the air - just makes me itch to go hike with our young dog.