Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Duck and Cover!

The girls and I are finishing up our study of 20th Century World History (Sonlight's Core 300). We actually finished the main history book a couple of weeks ago, but we're reviewing what we've learned with a supplemental book about the presidents. Today we read about Eisenhower. One of the little side-bar articles talked about how school children were taught to "duck and cover" in the event of an atomic bomb. I remembered seeing this "educational" film at awhile back so I'll pulled it up for the girls to see.
We were amused and a little appalled at the notion that a tablecloth or coat or even a table or desk could protect a person from the effects of an atomic bomb! It's somewhat reassuring to have the hindsight view of knowing that the poor misinformed school children never had to actually put it to the test!

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Luke said...

Yes: It is sobering to consider what "facts" we know today that will prove wrong in the future. Best to keep humble and strive for a lifetime of learning!