Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Graduation Cupcakes

My daughter loves to make treats for the Thursday evening Bible study we host in our home. This spring one of the young men who attends graduated from high school. I had seen the idea for these cute graduation cap cupcakes, so I suggested to my daughter that she could make them one Thursday a few weeks ago, in honor of our friend.
She made chocolate cupcakes and frosted them with cream cheese frosting. Next is a small peanut-butter cup turned upside down, topped by a Ghiradelli square, also turned upside down. The buttons are mini M&Ms. It probably would have looked better if all the M&Ms had been brown, but they are actually color-coded to indicate the type of filling in the Ghiradelli square! Brown is dark chocolate, yellow is caramel, red is raspberry, and green is mint! (The bag of squares I got was assorted flavors.)

Needless to say, they were a big hit!


Kristi said...

They are too cute! I need to remember this for next year. Remind me if you think about it, okay? LOL Blessings to you!

Tess said...

Those look so yummy! Thanks for sharing.

Andrea said...

WOW...those look awesome!
Blessings, andrea

Keetha Denise Broyles said...

Those are cute - - - really, REALLY cute.

bp said...

Those are so cute!!!

And I like the creative color coding for the chocolates.

Jessica S. said...

AWESOME IDEA!!! Just might have to use for some church homeschool grads too@ :)