Saturday, January 14, 2012

Blogging and Friends

Now that the flurry of the holidays is over and the new year is upon us, I've been trying to get back into the habit of blogging again more regularly. Winter doesn't offer as much "scope for the imagination" as summertime, but it's a cozy time of year-- a good time to get caught up on indoor projects such as writing. I'm discovering, again, that writing takes discipline... and the hardest part is starting. It seems I can think of umpteen dozen things to "just check real quick" when I sit down at the computer, and before I know it a half hour (or more) has passed and I haven't even started. So I'm working on self-discipline in that area. Any tips?

I've noticed a few of  my "blogging buddies" are getting back on board again, too. I'm glad! That helps keep me motivated, too. Stop by and say, "Welcome back!" to:
I also want to give a shout-out to some of my faithful readers and fellow bloggers who have stuck with me during the weeks when I haven't been posting (or responding) as regularly as I should. I appreciate your comments! 
I suspect (and hope) there may be others still following along, but these are the ones who have commented recently.

Also, a warm "Hello!" to some new blogging friends who took the time to leave a comment recently:
I noticed the other day that, incredibly, I am coming up my 10-year "blogiversary"! I have tried just about every "social network" platform that has come along, and I've found that I just really prefer blogging. Maybe because it's because I have to use words to try to explain myself... and not just a sentence or two. Maybe it's because my blog feels like my "home"-- a place where I can invite my friends in for a visit, without feeling like I'm at some huge party where anyone could be eavesdropping on the conversation. I realize my blog is just as public as, say Facebook, but it just feels more personal somehow. What's your feeling?

Anyway, I think I need to plan something special to celebrate 10 years of blogging, don't you? I'm thinking a party with prizes at the very least. It will be the first week of March, so I hope you'll stick around.


Jan said...

That's awsome, Karla! I didn't even know Blogging has been around that long. I love your description of it; I think that sums it up pretty well.

A Romantic Porch said...

Wow Karla, Awesome Congrats and all the other neat stuff that people say when you have accomplished such a marvelous thing. I'm sure you've probably been the world's longest blogger! We should try to find out.Absolutely do a blogiversary celebration! I'm good at throwing a party! Well in real life that is...not so much when it comes to the technosaavy (I made that word up remember)stuff.

Thanks for the shout out about my blog too. I've been trying to learn how to give it a new you can see I'm not so good at it!AND hopefully it is not hi jacked this year!
xo rachel

A Romantic Porch said...

Oh and when I said I was good at throwing a party...I meant to say maybe I could help you with a blogiversary but then I remembered the "technosaavy stuff" and realized I'd probably flop helping out with it! xorachel

Farrah said...

I think it is very sweet of you to devote a post to your blogging friends with links, Karla! :-)

Part of my determination to do things differently this time 'round will be to restrict myself to a very small group of blogs I actually follow regularly. I spent WAY too much time before trying to keep up with visits/comments, so hopefully this change will make returning more doable for me in terms of time commitment.

Having said that, I'll enjoy taking a look at your friend's links! :-)

bp said...

10 years! Congrats! I didn't know blogging had been around that long either! Have a great day.