Monday, January 9, 2012

Accidental Ice-Skates

Our family was invited to an ice-skating party on New Years' Eve by some friends who have a pond. Lyle and the girls had gone ice-skating once last winter at the public ice-skating rink in Spokane, but I hadn't been on a pair of skates since I was 18. And only a couple of times, on a pond, then. I am now a decidedly middle-aged matron and I had no plans to try ice-skating this year, though I did think it was lots of fun when I was younger.

Since this was a private pond setting we wouldn't have the opportunity to rent skates, so I started checking the thrift stores to see if I could find some used (inexpensive) skates that the kids could wear. At one store I found a pair in size 7 and a pair in size 9. I had been looking for sizes 7 and 8, but thought maybe the 9s would do for Laura (with an extra pair of socks or something). They were only $4 a pair, so I went ahead and got them. I brought them home and the girls were trying them on. That's when we realized that the size 9 pair was actually a men's size 9-- which makes them a women's size 11, which means they fit me! Ack! That meant I would just have to trying skating after all.

I remembered that the thrift store had one more pair of ice-skates, but I couldn't remember what size they were. Since Laura still needed skates we went back to look. The remaining pair was size 11. They were brown and black, so I assumed they were also men's skates, and Lyle wears a size 11, so I bought them for him. I was wrong again. Turns out they also fit me.I had accidentally bought myself two pairs of skates, when I actually didn't intend to buy any!

So, on New Year's Eve I sat on a log by the campfire and laced the skates on my feet. I gingerly clomped through the snow to the pond. That was the easy part because the blades cut into the snow. When I got to the pond my "noble knight" was waiting with a strong arm for me to lean on. The minute my feet hit the ice they slid right out in front of me and I ingloriously ended up smack on my backside.

Such a refined, elegant matron I am.

Lyle helped me to my feet, and I scuffed around the pond a few times never letting go of his arm. I'm sure I looked utterly ridiculous, but it was loads of fun.

Lyle wished he had had the opportunity to skate, so on January 2 we hit the thrift stores again looking for a pair of men's size 11 ice skates. We were able to find some, so we went skating again that night. That night I got brave enough to venture out by myself, but it was still very cautious, tiny slides. No swooping, graceful figure 8s or anything like that.

I hope the ice holds long enough for us to go at least one more time this winter. Maybe I can go a little faster the next time. I suppose there's always the public rink, but I like the pond better. At least it was my friends laughing with me, not strangers laughing at me.


Jan said...

I'm glad you didn't get hurt! Ice skating really is contagious isn't it! Those are some of my best memories when I was a kid...We had a local pond to skate on and most years the lake. I still have my size 8 ice skates..but I can't fit into them! Middle age catches up to us that for sure...and I am more middle age than you. lol

Farrah said...

I applaud your bravery! You wouldn't catch me out there! :-)

Well, I've finally decided to return to blogging. It will be much less frequent this time 'round, but I'm looking forward to it!

Denise said...

This brought back a flood of memories of the only time I have ever ice skated ~ with your Aunt Esther, Donna Ipock and ... I think that was all. It was on a Friday night while I was at CFC and we went to the pond that's hidden over beside the boys dorm. Of course, Esther was sweet and graceful...Donna and I were laughing so hard.. holding on to the back of a chair as we made our way around the pond. It was so much fun! BTW ~ campus was pretty much deserted. I think the only person on campus was Doug Kline who was confined to his room with mono so...our laughter didn't bother anyone! lol! Glad you enjoyed and are going back for more!