Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Catching Up

We were gone over the weekend... thus no posting. Just got back last night, and I'm playing catch-up today. We had an absolutely wonderful weekend! My husband said he told someone that he had been working so much lately that he wanted to plan something "spectacular" for the family... and I'd say he pulled it off! He took us on a train trip (Amtrak) from Seattle to Portland. We spent Saturday night in Portland and rode the train back to Seattle on Sunday. My mother tells me that the last time I rode a train (a real train, not a city train or an excursion train) was almost exactly 40 years ago--Christmas 1967. I was too young to remember.

I forgot the camera, but took quite a few pictures with the camera on my cell phone. I haven't used it before so I have no idea how they will turn out, and I'll have to wait until my husband can help me get them off the phone. Then I'll post more about the trip.

In the meantime, yesterday and today's posts for The 12 Days of Christmas Blog Tour are up... Click the links to read the articles:

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