Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Happy Birthday, Dad!


And I just needed to tell the world!

My mother's birthday is in September, and it always amuses me when I call to wish her a Happy Birthday. Dad will get on the phone with Mother and say, "You know whose birthday is next, don't you?" It's a game we play. His isn't until the 5th of December... a good two-and-half months away.

"Yeah, Dad. Your granddaughter's."

"Oh, yeah." As if he forgot. "Well, after that."

"You mean your grandson's?"

"Oh, yeah." Selective memory again. "After that, I mean."

"Oh! You must mean mine!" which is around Thanksgiving.

"But whose is after that?" he persists.

"Hmm... I just don't know."

Somehow, I don't think I could forget your birthday, Daddy!

Thanks for being such a fun tease... and for loving my mother... and your children (even the in-laws!)... and all 10 of your grandchildren. We love you!

P.S. You can visit Dad's blog at


Dori said...

he's a pretty funny Daddy!

Denise said...

65! Unbelievable! Doesn't seem like our parents should be that old yet - but I guess since we've all passed the big "40", that's what the should be!
Happy Birthday, Bro. Ezell! And may you enjoy many more healthy happy years!