Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Weather Report

The last two winters I've enjoyed posting dramatic snow pictures on my blog. This winter (so far) I don't have any. The ground is brown and soggy, and the skies are gray and dreary. I've always said that if it was going to be cold and gray anyway, it might as well snow to brighten things up a bit. I'm surprised that I don't feel that way this year. I think I got enough of snow last winter and the winter before to last me awhile!

We thought we might run into some snowstorms on our trip. When you make a 3500-mile roadtrip in the winter, you pretty much have to plan for that. On Christmas Eve, as we were preparing to leave we heard of bad storms throughout the midwest-- just where we were headed. We changed our planned route at the last minute, and somehow managed to dodge the storms and bad roads.

The most dramatic weather we experienced on the whole trip was the night we stayed in Sioux Falls, South Dakota on our way home. When we got up on Saturday morning to get back on the road we discovered that the temp was a frigid 28-below-zero!! Never before had any of us been in weather that cold! Lyle said he learned that gloves don't help much when it's that cold, if they've been left in the car all night. We were concerned that the car might not start. It sputtered and protested but finally turned over, and we were on our way. By the end of the day we reached Billings, Montana where the temperature was a balmy 48! That was a temperature change of 76 degrees in one day!

Now we're home again, where the temps are average for this time of year: high-30s/low-40s... and the sun doesn't shine much. The good news is, we've passed the equinox so the daylight hours are getting longer again! The cold, gentle rain which makes our yard soggy means it's snowing in the mountains... and that's good news for the girls because they get to start ski lessons again next week.

So, I'm content with the chilly dreariness. Not having huge piles of snow everywhere makes spring seem closer. At least we don't have to wait for that all to melt before spring can come!

Now that I've posted how "happy" I am with the weather, watch us get dumped on! But... the sun is coming up this morning, so maybe we'll get to enjoy a little sunshine for a change.


pse said...

Even if you get snow now, you've had this many weeks without it. I think it has all gone south this year.

Carolina said...

Hello! Always glad to read your posts. I was wondering if you could share a little bit on your experience with your book reviews. I'm interesting in becoming a reviewer because I love to read. :) Thanks and have a blessed day!

Nancy M. said...

I really wish it would snow here!

Aliene said...

Glad you made your trip okay. I know your Mom and dad enjoyed the visit. Since you don't like snow (neither do I) what about some good old Louisiana rain? We might get a tad of snow Friday. Maybe!
But I do know more rain is on the way so it will probably be sleet.

Mari said...

We have had enough snow here! The temps on your trip were really something. The picture is gorgeous!

The Watts Family said...

we are enjoying our first winter in the desert which is quite different. Well the seasons are what they will be regardless of what we think of them lol!~Hope you enjoy the rest of your winter ~Blessings Heather

Constance said...

We had something similiar happen to us on our recent vacation to Yellowsotne. We left West Yellowstone on the 27th and it was -28 degrees. When we got home to Texas it was in the 50's, talk about a shock! Fortunately, our car was parked inside a small parking garage at the hotel in West Yellowstone while we were in the Park for that week so it started right up. It registered 51 degrees and as soon as we came outside, my Onstar temp gauge starting plummeting!

Charlene said...

We lived briefly in Alaska, and drove out through Canada in the middle of winter--we experienced our "low" of -48 (and that was the temp, not the windchill) We did experience some vehicle trouble when the PVC valve froze, but luckily it was a fairly easy fix, as we were in a small town literally in the middle of no where!