Wednesday, March 28, 2007


My nephew Garrett is 5 years old. He is one of God's special children. The ones I think God brings into our lives just to remind us of His purity and goodness. I was privileged to help care for Garrett for 2 weeks last fall. He has a very limited vocabulary, so I was thrilled when he learned to say my name. "Kar. Uh." We were so proud of him! He marched around the house chanting it. After I left his mother (my sister) said he continued saying it for several days and then finally let it drop. Five months went by before I saw him again at my grandfather's funeral in February. My sister sent me this picture today of the moment he saw me at the funeral. (She made the digi-scrap layout, too.) We were amazed that he remembered me! There is more going on in that little brain than we think, I betcha!

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