Wednesday, March 28, 2007


It was lovely to get away for the weekend, even though it was a business trip (for my husband) and much to short to really do anything. I was quite sick on Friday afternoon and evening... some sort of 12-hour virus, I guess... so I was a little apprehensive about starting out on a road trip through the mountains. I felt much better Saturday morning when it was time to leave, so I was sure I would be fine. About an hour or so down the road I began to feel not-quite-so-fine. I had my husband stop for Dramamine and ginger ale. I am prone to motion sickness, but typically only take a half a tablet because a full dose makes me sleepy, and a half a tablet is usually enough to be effective. This time I took the maximum dose of 2 tablets, and sure enough, soon went to sleep. When I awoke I felt much better! And I was so grateful! Nothing more miserable than traveling when one is ill.

Central Idaho is rolling hills of farmland. This time of year they are brilliant green with sprouting wheat. Fruit trees are also blooming, and the further south we went the more flowers I saw! There were daffodils in full bloom in Boise, so it can't be long until the spring flowers are blooming here! (Still plenty of snow on the mountains, though.)

We met family for supper Sunday evening, and got to see the first sign of spring on their farm... a new baby colt, born just last Tuesday!

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