Monday, March 5, 2007

Happy Anniversary!

Today is my parent's anniversary. They have been married 42 years. If you ask them they'll tell you that they are more in love now than they've ever been. It's hard to imagine... because they were "oh-so-mushy" when I was a kid and teen. We would walk in on them kissing in the kitchen. "Ewwww..." we would say. But they knew we were only teasing. We loved that they were in love. So how could they possibly be more in love now than they were then? They are, though. I believe them. Know why? Because my marriage is just as great is theirs is... No coincidence at all. I had a perfect example to follow!

It occurs to me that I've been married half as long as they have (I guess this is the only time that will happen!), and I'm more in love with my husband than I was 21 years ago. And guess what? Our kids walk in on us kissing in the kitchen. "Ewwww..." they say. But they are only teasing. They love that we are in love!

I pray the tradition continues to the next generation!

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