Tuesday, March 13, 2007


I'm feeling overwhelmed again with all the responsibilities I have and the projects I need to get done. It gets to the point where there are so many things calling my name that I don't know where to start, so I just sit... staring off into space (or aimlessly surfing the internet, which is just as bad!). That, of course, accomplishes nothing, which makes the problem worse, not better. I need to learn to prioritize. There will always be daily responsibilities that get done no matter what... but beyond that I need to work out a methodical way for catching up on long-procrastinated projects. I think the problem is that those things are all major time-consuming things. I don't have huge blocks of time to devote to anything beyond my daily responsbilities, so they just continue to pile up.

I've decided to try to set aside one hour each day to work on "extra projects". When the hour is up, I will set it aside and not worry about it any more until the next day. Yes, it may take me months to get some of these things done... but that's better than continuing to procrastinate. Maybe I won't feel so overwhelmed once I see that I am actually making some progress!

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