Saturday, March 31, 2007


I went to the mall today looking for Easter dresses for the girls. I ended up spending more on them than I had hoped to, but the outfits I found are really sweet and nice quality, so I was pleased. (That is, if I can get over feeling guilty for spending too much!)

While I was there I came across a fantastic bargain on winter coats at Sears. They were on clearance for 50% off of the already marked down price. I couldn't pass that up! I got a new coat for everyone in the family for an average price of less than $10 each!! (And everyone but me was really needing a new coat.) Not only that, two of them are Lands End brand, and the others are just as nice. They were more than 90% off of the original price! Cool, huh?

So... my question is... if I bought something that I didn't go shopping for... I spent money that I hadn't intended to spend... Did I really "save" anything? (Can you tell I have issues about messing up the budget? My husband loves that about me... NOT!)

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