Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Ranch Popcorn

A couple weeks ago we were visiting friends. The kids had been outside playing and came in begging for a snack. The mom suggested they could make popcorn. They asked if we had ever had ranch-flavored popcorn. We never had, so they made some. It was a microwave popcorn, 2 packages in a box. I have bought "specialty" flavors before and they are usually yummy, but also more expensive than the regular microwave popcorn. For some reason ranch-flavor had never appealed to me, so I had never been willing to spend the extra to try it. But that's what they served that day... and I was surprised! I loved it! Bummer that it costs more... But then I happened to think... I had a big bottle of ranch-flavored powder. You know the kind you can get at Costco that you can mix with sour cream and milk or whatever to make ranch dressing? Wonder what that would be like sprinkled dry on popcorn? Next time I was in the mood for popcorn I just tried it! Know what? It was just as good as what came in the box... and a good bit cheaper, I'm sure. That Works for Me!

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