Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Another new blogger...

Please welcome my aunt Aliene to the blogosphere! She is my dad's older sister and she has some fascinating stories and keepsakes to share. Her blog is called Meditations and Memories. Pop by to say "hi" and let her know I sent you!

Speaking of aunts (and uncles) , I have quite a few, as my mother is one of 10 children and Dad is one of 6. Mother's parents had 5 girls and 5 boys, and Dad's parents had 3 girls and 3 boys. Isn't that nice and symmetrical?

Other fun bits of trivia:
  • We use the titles "aunt" and "uncle" in front of the first name in my family. I think it might be a southern thing. (Or maybe it's just us. I dunno.) The only exception to the "rule" when I was a little girl was for my youngest aunt, Rachel, who is only a year older than I am. As an adult, I no longer use the title for my next older aunt and uncle who are within 10 years of my age. But all the rest, I still do.
  • On Mother's side of the family "aunt" is pronounced "ant"... on Dad's side we say "aint"! (Nobody I know says "ont"!)
  • Dad's side of the family enjoys nicknames, so his sisters Aliene, Annette, and Dianne are Aunt Lene, Aunt Nette, and Aunt DeeDee.
  • Two of Dad's sisters married two of Mother's brothers, so I have two sets of double cousins.
  • Of all my aunts, only my youngest (Rachel) and my oldest (Aunt Lene) have blogs. I think that situation ought to be remedied post-haste, don't you?


pse said...

That is interesting that your oldest and youngest aunts are the bloggers. You did a good job of getting them started on a road they enjoy traveling.

The Going Blog said...

fun family trivia :-)

Farrah said...

If anyone can remedy that lack of blogging, it's you, Karla! LOL! I have yet to bring anyone I know to this community!

Joy said...

I pronounce it "ant" and my husband says "ont". It's so weird! But he also says "crowns" instead of "crayons".

A Romantic Porch said...

Karla, I had never thought about the 3 and 3 on your dad's side! Love, AUNT rachel....that's too weird, but neat!