Friday, April 11, 2008

Decorating in Progress

Our house is beginning to come together, one small area at a time! For today's show-and-tell I thought I would share the top of the piano (and portions of the living room). The piano sits along the half wall that borders the entry way. The stairs down to the front door are behind the wall. I've been trying to figure out what I want to put on the piano. I didn't want to put anything very fragile for fear of it getting accidently knocked off, but I couldn't decide just what I did want. First, let me show you how it's coming together... and then tell you how it came about... and then maybe you can offer suggestions!
The picture on the wall is beside the stairs. It's a Norman Rockwell print that I've always loved. (Rachel gave it to me years ago.) I put that picture up a couple weeks ago, before I started thinking about the piano. You would think it would have occurred to me that whatever went on that wall needed to go with whatever went on top of the piano... but, no, I didn't think of that.

Well, I was in Michael's a couple days ago and they had their spring flower "bushes" on clearance. I loved the tulips, and knew the color would be perfect for the living room. I was also needing some blue flowers to tie in with a little bit of blue in the drapes, so I thought the hyacinths would go, too, and the tiny white narcissus were too pretty to pass up, too. At the time I thought I might make an arrangement in the brass vase I showed you last week. So I brought the flowers home and started messing around with them. They were just too much for the brass vase, but as I worked with the flowers I suddenly noticed how they reflected the flowers in the Norman Rockwell print. At that moment I knew they had to go on the piano... and I started wondering how I could reflect that picture on the piano. I immediately thought of Mother's gloves... and the tray basket is just perfect for keeping hymnals close at hand to the piano! (I have several more old hymnals... just haven't come across them yet in my unpacking. Not sure why they weren't all together.)
Now I'm trying to decide if I need something on each end of the piano, or if I want to move the basket to one end to make room for a piano lamp in the middle, and put something else on the other end. What do you think?

Here's a picture of the window end of the room showing the corner of the piano and the drapes I'm working with:
Now I've showed you and I've told you my decorating dilemma! Any suggestions?
Show and Tell


Hootin' Anni said...

Ya, I'd take the basket off the piano and move it...keeping the beautiful crocheted scarf on a simple colored glass vase with a single rose or something ---to show off the crochet work and keep the area very simple and more elegant.

Take care...hope you have a minute or two to drop by my show n tell!! I'd love to have you visit with me. Today I have something I received, from a special blogging friend!! Come join me?

Happy weekend.

Penless Thoughts said...

How perfect to tie it in with the picture. Great job!!!

Denise said...

I think you've done a wonderful job with the picture, the basket and the drapes ~ it looks like it was all planned! The picture looks so ~ "you"! Just Perfect! Great idea using a basket big enough to put the hymnals in. Handy, pretty and functional!

You're doing an awesome job getting all settled in ~ during the school year, too! I'm duly impressed!

Have a lovely weekend!

Simply Heart And Home said...

Everything is so very feminine and delicate. I love the little touches you add like the ladies' gloves. :)



Constance said...

It looks great and I love the idea of a lamp at the end! I think that would be the crowning touch!

Susie said...

Norman Rockwell is one of my favorite artists. I think you've done a great job and the lamp you plan sounds like the perfect touch.

Dori said...

I'd leave it exactly like it's pretty and simple but the fun details that aren't overwhelming...if you add more it will be just TOO much...KWIM? Sometimes you less is more and I think you've hit a perfect balance! Let's see...should I gush over it? ;-)

Farrah said...

I like it! If you feel it needs a little more, I suggest maybe putting identical sturdy candlesticks at each end with a long candle in them. You could get the candles in just about any color...maybe one of the colors you are matching in the drapes?

I browsed a few decorating books when we first bought our house just to get a few tips. One of the big things to strive for is balance. A balance of colors, heights, and basic shapes.

You don't want to have too many boxy shapes together and straight lines together. You need to mix in some curves. One of the things I notice in your piano pic is there are quite a few box shapes and straight lines -- the picture, vertical wall in the background, horizontal half wall, basket, books, and piano. The flowers and gloves help balance it with their curves, but I'm thinking a few more curvy things would be good. With all the lines, I actually think an oval picture would be best on the wall, but keep it there if you like it! You could get candlesticks that are curvy.

Hee-hee! Sorry for all that! Just thought it was a good time to pass on a few tips, since I have used them in my own decorating. We have lots of box shapes in our living room...the bookshelves, window, piano. I want to get an oval mirror to balance it out. :-)

e-Mom said...

It all looks so homey! How about something tall on the piano beside the basket... tapers, or a lamp?

BTW, you've been tagged for a meme at Chrysalis. But do it only if you have the time.


Joy said...

I think you have done a great job with the decorating. Maybe some tall candlesticks on each side of the basket or bud vases...

Emily said...

Beautiful decorating!! We are also in the process of decorating. It seems it's an ongoing project. We slowly are doing one room at a time as well. It's lots of fun! Anyway, thanks for sharing! Lovely pictures!

MammyT said...

You'll definitely need a piano lamp. As a pianist I can say that. But I think the display you have would counterbalance nicely with a lamp. It could even be a Victorian glass lamp. ???

Jewelgirl said...

I could an oval mirror on the
piano top with some pretty glass
pieces on it (3) and different sizes. It would light up the piano space.

Wanita said...

You've done a great job coordinating everything. I'd put a piano lamp on one end since you'll need it if you play the piano in the evening.

Hope said...

Hi Karla,
Just wanted to drop by to say hello and catch up with you. Looks like you're doing a great job getting organized. I love what you did with the basket. I think the basket to one side and the small lamp on the other would look great. If you don't need the lamp, just stick with what you have. It looks good and it's neat. Oh how I need to declutter!! lol

I'm going to check your pastor's blog as soon as I get a chance. I always get a blessing reading your dad's messages. Thank you for helping him make it possible for me! :O)


The Apron Queen said...

Late making my rounds. Awesome show & tell. Stop by for a plate of Just Peachy Cobbler.

For your daily dose of vintage goodness & a bit of silliness, stop by Confessions of an Apron Queen, the home of Vintage Thingies Thursdays.

Kelli said...

Everything looks lovely, Karla! I really like the basket of books and flowers and think a lamp would be the perfect finishing touch!

Toots said...

I love the picture and the basket!
Agreeing with many of the eye says, push the basket off just a little to the left and add a pretty coordinating lamp further out on the right, for a balance of heighth and to mirror the vertical rectangular shape of the picture. But, I can't be for sure until I see something tried. I depend on the trial and error process...don't know anything about professional decorating rules-if there are such things. I'm sure whatever you end up doing will be pretty! I hope you'll show us!