Saturday, May 3, 2008

Coming Soon... Our Courtship Story

Awhile back Farrah posted about how she and her husband met. I loved hearing their "love story" but somehow I've never quite had the courage to post ours. Maybe because I think it is probably only romantic to us... and just kind mundane to the rest of the world. Recently I agreed to participate in a monthly "Marriage Monday" meme hosted at Chrysalis on the first Monday of the month... and I'll be sharing our "courtship story" this coming Monday. Anybody else care to join me? Come on! Be brave! If I can do it, you can do it! The instructions are:
Our topic this Monday will be, "The Crazy Way We Met." Here's your opportunity to share the dramatic (or dull!) opening moments of your dating relationship. Remember, the details of your story may be ancient history to you, but to us—it's news!

Please tell your story any way you want. You could even create a photo essay, or a song or poem. The idea is to reflect on how God moved to bring the two of you together to share the greatest adventure of your lives: marriage.

Please Bring a Friend (See? She told me to invite YOU!)

Feel free to copy any part of this announcement and post it on your blog. The more participants we have at Chrysalis, the merrier! (Head on over to to link up with other Marriage Monday participants.)


Farrah said...

Oooo! I can't wait to read it! The suspense is killing me! :-)

Aliene said...

I might get the nerve when I see how you do. Would love to read Farrahs. Need to check it out.
Looking forward to yours. Remember I was not around so I will be patiently waiting.

Denise said...

Well, Karla. You are an awesome writer so we all know yours will be very good reading. I'm looking forward to reading about the romance that started just up the road from me (as I recall) and was sealed in a beautiful chapel on a fall day in the Ozarks. ~ sounds pretty interesting already to me! Smile!!!

Since I'm battling allergies like I never have before and am getting ready for a Mother-Daughter Garden Tea here at my cottage on the 20th(I think there are about 35-40 guests already RSVP'd) ~ I'll pass on this one! You and your daughters are invited too, by the way!

Happy Writing!