Thursday, May 22, 2008

Thursday Thirteen - Edition #26 "N"

A little late today, but continuing with my alphabet theme, here are 13 things in my life that start with the letter N:
  1. Naomi. My sister.
  2. Nap. Why do little kids hate 'em and adults can't get enough of 'em?
  3. Natural beauty. I love the mountains and wilderness in our area.
  4. Near-sighted. I am. Extremely. And oh-so-grateful for contact lenses!
  5. Neighbors. The best neighbors we ever had were when we lived across the alley from our pastor and his wife, and next door to his mother.
  6. Nephews. If I counted correctly I have 13 nephews, 5 nephews-in-law, and 5 great-nephews.
  7. Nieces. Plus 16 nieces, 1 niece-in-law, and 9 great-nieces. (I think.)
  8. Night Owl. I function best in the evenings.
  9. Night Sky. I love to watch the sunset and see the stars come out.
  10. Notebook. I love notebooks. I always have one handy to jot things down in.
  11. Novels. Need I explain this one?
  12. November. I was born and got married in November. Those two events were 20 years apart!
  13. Nurse. Both my sisters are nurses. I'm not. I spent one summer as a nurse's aide many years ago, and quickly determined that nursing was note for me.


Monday through Sunday said...

I have often asked myself the same question in regards to naps! Hope you had a lovely Thursday!

Cynthia said...

Naps are one of the indicators of my health. I never gave up my daily nap but I usually only doze for 15 - 20 minutes and wake up energized. Then there are days like today when I laid down and woke almost 3 hours later. Hmmm, and then by the evening I had developed a fever.

This is a great list. Good idea to work through the alphabet. Will you do Q?

Farrah said...

I can't understand the "novels" one. You'll have to explain it to me. ;-)

Toots said...

Enjoyed getting to know you better.

Brumbemom said...

That's a lot of neices and nephews. Family get-togethers must be fun!
I totally agree about the naps. I like to get "power naps" whenever I can.

e-Mom said...

I've really enjoyed this series. So clever! (N for Night owl? Me too.)

BTW, I've tagged you for a meme!

Have a blessed weekend,
e-Mom @ Chrysalis