Monday, September 8, 2008

A Romantic Man

I'm a romantic at heart. And I'm married to a very romantic man. He claims he's not. He honestly thinks he's not. But he is! It's because he pays attention to me. He considers my input on decisions we make. He values my opinion. If something happens at work that he thinks I would be interested in, he tells me about it. He notices if I see something I like when we're shopping, and later he may go back and buy it for me. (Not always. But often enough to make me realize that he does notice things like that.)

It saddens me to hear women complain about their husbands forgetting their birthdays or Valentines Day. So what? I find it much more romantic to be surprised on random occasions throughout the year than for my husband to feel obligated to go out and buy something just because the calendar says he must.

I find romance and delight in the everyday relationship, not the lavish extravagance that many women seem to expect. That's the kind of romance that matters to me!

This summer Lyle and I had the opportunity to attend our college reunion. You may remember that we met at college 25 years ago this summer, so it was a special trip for us. I posted this picture of us sitting on a bench on campus soon after we started dating with my "how we met" post earlier this spring...

The bench was still there this summer, so I asked my brother-in-law to take a "25 years later" picture of us sitting on it...
I thought the picture turned out nice, but the pretty basket of petunias in the background clashed with my red shirt... and it looks like the flag is sticking out of my head. On a whim, I asked Lyle if he could "fix it" with the magic of Photoshop.

And you know what? He did!

Aren't you impressed? He edited out the person and flag in the background, but even more amazing to me is that he turned the flowers white!

What a guy! Taking the time to "fix" such minor details in a photo just on my whim!

Now that's what I call romantic!

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Lori said...

I enjoyed reading your post this morning. I do believe you are right about your hubby. He is romantic and very thoughtful to remember the things you mention.

I'll be back later to read about how you meet.


Denise said...

Amen, now that is what romance is about sweetie.

Judi said...

So sweet! I agree that it is all of the little things that create the whole picture. What is wonderful is that you see and appreciate those gestures, too many women do not! Lucky you!

Connie Marie said...

Love the pictures of you two, especially now nicely your husband took out the things you didn't like. Sounds like your relationship is a happy one. Thank the Lord!

Luke said...

Love the power of Photoshop! I'm a romantic at heart as well.


MomEee said...

Thank you for reminding me to enjoy and "romance" the everyday! It's so romantic to have that "how you met" pic and then another happy pic 25 years later. God is good!

pse said...

We love your post AND that romantic man.

pse said...

p.s. Maybe I should explain that romantic man takes such good care of our daughter and two wonderful granddaughters.

Angela @ Refresh My Soul Blog said...

That is so sweet! Love it.

e-Mom said...

What a romantic story! And your photos are wonderful.

Thanks for joining us for Marriage Monday today, Karla.


e-Mom :~D

Susan said...

Oh this was so good!! Hey I'm impressed with your hubby's skills.

Pretty cool.

I think it's so neat you have that picture on the same bench, now that's ROMANTIC!!


Peculiar said...


How nice are the photos, although I saw nothing wrong with the original of the newest one. I didn't think flower colors clashing or "flag sticking out of the head look." I thought it was a nice photo of two beautiful people whom God has kept together.

I do think that those romantic shows of love, care, and interest are important on a whim throughout the year, but there's nothing wrong with having that and him recognize your birthday and the other holidays too, because he simply wants to. I appreciate my husband doing these things any time. He doesn't have to spend a lot of money, if we don't have it, he just needs to know his wife well enough to buy a thoughtful gift. He knows my appreciative spirit. I like that.

I enjoyed reading your post today and seeing these pictures. It's so neat that you were able to take a picture on the same bench as so many years prior. Congratulations on you and Lyle's longevity. To God be the glory!

Yellow Rose Arbor said...

What a neat story, and pictures! I also have a romantic husband, PTL!

I hope you will post your enchanted windows sometimes!


Toots said...

So sweet! I'm totally with you on what romantic is! Forget those silly calendar expectations!
I so need to learn Photoshop tricks like that. I guess someday I'll get the book out and try to figure some of it out.

MiPa said...

Such a sweet post! Bless you for sharing.