Monday, February 25, 2008

Buying a House

Such excitement! It's been a whirlwind weekend... but I think I should probably explain my cryptic post of Saturday night. I was talking to my Mother on the phone yesterday. She said, "Would you please interpret what you posted on your blog? What does that mean? Is it Spanish?" No. It isn't Spanish. It's Latin. And it means "Glory to God alone."

You see, we've been living in northern Idaho for nearly 10 years and all this time we've been renting. We've lived in 4 different houses, some more comfortable than others. By the time we had lived here long enough that we thought we might be in a position to buy a house, the market was just terrible with over-inflated prices. So we decided to wait it out. Recently we have been told that "now is the time", so we started looking again.

Buying a house Signing papers for that much money is a scary thing to me. I had almost talked my husband out of even starting to look, when I felt a check from God about letting my husband lead. So I told my husband, "Okay. Let's go for it, but proceed with caution. At the first sign of a red light, the deal is off." He agreed to that and made appointments for us to talk to the banker and look at property. The banker gave us a green light, so that was the first door to open. The first house we considered was a modular home. The banker said we could get a better loan on a "stick built" house in the same price range, so we kept looking. The next house was too cramped and laid out weird. It would drive me crazy. The third house was cute, but again too crowded. The fourth house was "just right" so we made an offer on it. (No, it's not my dream house. My dream house includes a wrap-around porch and a fireplace :0) ...but our family will be very comfortable in this house, and I'm content with that.)

We found out Saturday evening that the sellers accepted our offer... and if all goes well we will be closing on it in less than 3 weeks!! Tomorrow we go for the home inspection, and I think that will be the last main hurdle before closing.

I am trying to be excited about what God is doing, and trust Him to work out all the details. My worry doesn't help anything.


Toots said...

So happy for you all...I pray it will all go smoothly and that you'll enjoy it!

Joyce said...

I hope all turns out for you all. I totally understand the fear of signing off on so much money, sadly that is just how it is anymore because the prices are so high.
But it seems this is going to be God's Will for you all and I!
I will stay posted and see how it all turns out....

Hope said...

Oh, Karla, how exciting for you! I know those fears though about the money. If you look at the big picture of things it can be scary! But then you think of all the money you're throwing away by all sorta evens out! Hey, maybe you can add that porch!!

Tell your mom that I'm glad she asked about your post. I was curious about the Spanish/Latin/Greek? but was too shy to ask! LOL

Love and Hugs,

Tammy said...

We are renters...I'm a worrywart too and we'll probably stay renters for a while...

Hope you are having a wonderful day!

Dori said...

You are going to love it! I'm so happy for you!

Vader's Mom said...

That's a really cute house. I remember signing those papers, but I'm really glad we did...of course, I hope we don't have to do it again for a while.

I look forward to keeping up with the fun journey of this purchase!!

Farrah said...

Phew! I am just getting to my blogging after a long day of co-op and dinner out with Greg's parents.

The only odd thing about your post to me was the picture of the house, because I know what a country girl you are and figured you would post a country style house with your comment. I figured I was just missing some important detail like it was a house belonging to someone you all know or something. I figured the foreign language was something religious in latin that went along with it. :-)

I NEVER DREAMED YOU WERE GETTING A NEW HOUSE!! WOW!! How exciting! Usually when people buy their first home they call it a starter house, and it isn't EXACTLY what they want, so don't give up that dream of a porch! After you get some good equity paid in you could always "upgrade." That could be five years from now or 25 years, but it will probably happen.

I would much rather pay on a house for 30 years and enjoy living in a nice place than to spend that time throwing money away in rent.

Keep us posted! I remember the excitement we felt when we were building our house. So exciting!

A Romantic Porch said...

Yay! So exciting!! I'm already decorating my mind that is! xoRachel