Sunday, February 3, 2008

Still more snow...

Let it Snow!

We took a short drive up into the mountains a ways this afternoon, just to see the snow in the sunshine. We have had close to record-breaking snowfall this winter, so good photo ops! Click on the picture above to view the "album" with a few more lovely winter landscapes.


Toni said...

Beautiful photos! We were supposed to get 6" of snow here the other day (a lot for us). I grocery shopped like a nut, thinking we needed to be well stocked. Grand total snowfall? ½"
Thanks for stopping by my blog.

nannykim said...

Those are such beautiul pictures. I always like the clean quiet feel that snow gives to the area. I also like the smell of a new snowfall--there is a certain smell to the air. I live in SC and near the coast and we do not often get that!!!

But I know what it is like since I spent much of my childhood in VT.

Anonymous said...

I love your pictures of the snow. I knew if I waited for sunshine the snow would all be gone and most of it was. :-)