Sunday, December 26, 2004

Bible reading

I am challenging the young people to read through (or listen to on tape or CD) the entire Bible in 2005. I was looking for a Bible reading chart that lets you check off each chapter as you read it. I had one like that when I was in high school and I really liked it because it helps you keep track of exactly where you are even if you get off-schedule. I found a really nice printable one at I am also printing out one that schedules the reading straight through from Genesis to Revelation with a portion each day that is relatively equal in length. I discovered there are lots of charts out there with different ways of doing it, but I decided to encourage the straight-through reading this year, so we can all do it together and also to make it a little more convenient for those who are using audio-Bibles. The chart I followed last year alternated a book from the Old Testament with a book from the New Testament. I liked doing it that way, too. I am currently in Amos. I need to finish the OT and Revelation this week to achieve this goal in 2004!

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