Monday, December 6, 2004

Calling from God

Finished Isaiah this morning... started Jeremiah tonight.
"Jeremiah, I am your Creator, and before you were born, I chose you to speak for me to the nations." (Jeremiah 1:5, CEV)
Isn't that awesome to think that God decided what Jeremiah's calling would be while he was still in the womb? God literally created Jeremiah for a specific purpose! I love thinking about how God is interested in each individual person, and creates each one of us to fulfill His plan!

Jeremiah goes on to "argue" with God that's he's not a good speaker and he's too young. God tells him that he's not too young, He will give him the words to say, and that He will be with him and keep him safe... all Jeremiah had to do was to be willing to be used.

I read a quote one time from Mother Theresa: "God does not call us to be successful. He calls us to be faithful."

I like that!

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