Wednesday, December 1, 2004

Winter is here!

I think winter is here! It snowed a little Saturday night. There was just a scattering on the ground all day Sunday. Yesterday morning we woke up to a good ground cover and it snowed off and on all day. We had at least an inch by the end of the day. And we still don't even have all the leaves raked out of the yard! We have this one huge maple tree that doesn't loose all its leaves until about Christmas time. I don't know why it's always so late. Kinda weird. Anyway, hopefully the snow that's on the ground will melt so we can get the rest of the leaves raked up. That job is so much ickier if we wait till spring.

R (age 9) thinks that once it snows it should be Christmas! She's always thought that. I am trying to keep things as low-key as possible for the holidays this year. I need to *not* take off school for the whole month of December. I have in the past, and I know many homeschoolers who do, but we just can't this year. So I have to keep the merry-making to a minimum. No great loss there, IMHO!

We have been needing a new Christmas tree for several years. We have an artificial tree we bought about 15 years ago that is somewhat the worse for the wear. It's been through 5 moves and a flood in the basement, as well as being hauled out and used all those Christmases. For the last couple of years we have talked about getting a permit and going to the National Forest to cut a tree, but it hasn't happened. This year we decided we will wait till closer to Christmas to do it. Typically we have put up our tree on Thanksgiving weekend or at least the first week of December. Hopefully having a fun outing of driving the SUV back in the mountains... there's sure to be snow! ...and tramping around hunting for a tree will make up (to the kids) for not having it in the house so long. It just seems like Christmas comes around SO often and then we drag it out by having the season last from Thanksgiving to New Year's at the very minimum. So... one of my goals for simplifying things is to shorten the season at our house!

We have an opportunity to be involved in a nursing home ministry being organized for homeschoolers. The kids are planning a simple program and then will pass out Christmas cards to the residents. It sounds like a great idea... one we've participated in before. I was very tempted to join in again this year, but... it will cut into 4 days of school! Two to practice and two to perform. I just can't "afford" that. (We never did finish our curriculum last year, and we're already behind this year. So we have to stay at it.)

So... I guess we will be satisfied with taking part in the Christmas program at church and let it go at that. Being the youth director, I can't exactly get out of that one!

Okay... speaking of school... it's time to get at it!

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