Friday, December 17, 2004

Science experiment

Today's spontaneous science experiment:

I was baking bread (in the bread machine) and my almost-12-yo DD got the yeast out of the freezer for me. She was asking me how yeast works. She knew it had to be "active" but she didn't understand what that meant. And she wondered why I put some sugar in the dough. I explained that the yeast "feeds" on the sugar. So then she decided to get the microscope out to see the yeast in action! I didn't know what she was up to when she asked to get the microscope out... but she was soon frustrated because she mixed some yeast and sugar (dry) on a slide and it didn't do anything! So we mixed in some warm water and flour and smeared some of the glop on a slide. It took some fiddling but we finally focused in on a section where the yeast was moving around doing its business! So cool!

I love spontaneous learning!

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