Friday, December 17, 2004

There ya go!

Seems the latest "home remedy" making the rounds in our areas is to put a bar of soap under your sheet in your bed! Now, it can't be Dove or Dial... for reasons unexplained to me... but Lever 2000 supposedly works wonders! Stick a bar (or several!) under the sheet down at the foot of your bed and you'll sleep better. Whatever aches and pains you've had in the past won't bother you any more!

I about died laughing when my neighbor lady just told me about it. She thought it was funny, too, but she said she tried it and her bad hip hasn't bothered her since she's had the soap in her bed. (2 nights.) She said several people told her about it, and it even came out in some doctor's column in the paper.

What next?!

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