Sunday, December 5, 2004

Website update

I worked on my website all afternoon. I wanted to post some articles I wrote a couple of years ago. Just trying to collect them all in one place. Nothing real profound or anything. However, I was also trying out a new (to me) html technique that I hadn't done before, so it was quite time-consuming! Not to mention the fact that my computer kept crashing (7 times in one hour!) because there's something wrong with the graphics card. DH worked on it tonight, so we'll see if it's better. And I'm not through with the new webpage yet, so there's nothing to see there yet. It's coming along though, and a very cute layout if-I-do-say-so-myself-who-shouldn't!

I was also trying to make some blinkies. I have Photo Shop which is supposed to be able to do everything Paint Shop Pro can do (and lots more). I think it's a more professional program or something. (DH is a printer which is why I have it.) I am learning by trial-and-error with that just like I am the html. So I click on the Help menu to find out how to do animations. Sure, there's directions... they just tell me to click on options that just aren't there. Select "animation" from the "Window" menu... now if I could only find where it says "animation" under "Window"! I wasted way to much time hunting and hunting with no luck. I finally decided to forget it... my blinkies don't have to blink, do they? They can be "un-blinkies"!!!

I'll post my "un-blinkies" tomorrow and hopefully get my new webpage up, too.

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