Wednesday, December 22, 2004

My cough drop!

Background: I have been fighting a cough for the past month or so, ever since a bad cold I had several weeks ago.

Saturday: We had rehearsal for our Christmas program. I was sitting on the front pew directing the rehearsal, and sucking on a cough drop. When it came time for my solo, I spit my cough drop out on the wrapper and laid it on the pew, thinking I would put it back in my mouth as soon as I finished singing. Apparently, I forgot.

Sunday morning: Our pastor sometimes walks around, down off the platform while he's preaching. So he's strolling along in front of the pews and right in the middle of his sermon he reaches down and picked up that cough drop! "Hmm... looks like somebody's used cough drop. Wonder who left that here? Pastor W, is this yours?" (Our associate pastor, a man in his early 70s, leads the singing so had been up front earlier.) I just about died! Oh, no! I can't believe I left that cough drop there... and even worse, I can't believe the pastor is talking about it RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF HIS SERMON! I wasn't about to claim it then... BUT... what was so funny... Pastor W starts solemnly nodding. Yes, that was his cough drop! I couldn't figure out WHY he was claiming it! He is slightly hard-of-hearing so maybe he didn't understand the question. Who knows?

Later that day I did confess to the pastor that it was MY cough drop, and I didn't know why Pastor W claimed it! I guess I won't fight him for it! He can have it!

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