Sunday, December 12, 2004

Horseback riding

We were at my brother's for a couple of days. He has horses... my 9-year-old is obsessed with horses... needless to say, she loves going there!

Saturday morning just before we were ready to leave, he took her down to the barn to see the horses. She is seriously convinced that she helps him train his horses every time we go. (Our visits may be 6 weeks to 3 months apart!) So she was "needing" to give Candy (the mare) a workout. My brother was just going to set Becky up on Candy's back and let her walk around the corral a few times. No, that won't do. Candy has to be saddled! But, really, Becky would rather ride Annie (Candy's foal who is about a year or so old). My brother explained to her that Annie hasn't been trained yet for people to ride her, she doesn't know how to carry a person on her back. Okay, well, in that case, Candy will do. So around and around the corral they go, and down the driveway a bit and back. In a little while, Becky says, "I think Annie's been watching us. I bet she knows how to carry a rider now!"

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